Al-Huda Islamic School is an earnest effort to set new standards of education that will produce students of knowledge and virtue, whose hearts are filled with love and trust in Allah and who are skilled verbally, mentally and socially to play their part in the world as practicing Muslims. Blessed with visionary leadership and a highly dedicated team of qualified professionals, we are determined to produce true representatives of the Muslim Ummah, having the ideal qualities of practicing Muslims who will be valuable for the whole mankind, In sha Allah. Such an all rounded personality is developed by providing moral-based education that is guided by the Qura'n and Sunnah.
The foundation of Al-Huda Islamic School Kralpora Srinagar is based upon the adherence to the teachings, guidance and values of Islam. We aspire to develop an educational establishment that fosters true Iman and love for Islam in the hearts and minds of our children with the focus set on promoting excellence in this life to earn excellence in it and in the hereafter. We would like to have the opportunity of working in partnership with you to ensure that your child’s educational journey is a happy and successful one and are ready to contribute to the society. May Allah accept and bless all our endeavours, Aameen.


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